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Professional Development Programme for Students

The transition from International Student to successful job applicant requires more than a degree or diploma in a specialised subject.

In order to make New Zealand more competitive for international students and Tertiary Education outcomes more meaningful, the New Zealand Government has recently announced a new policy and strategy for the sector that includes introduction of new initiatives like the “Pathway Student Visa pilot” programme, direction for Education Providers to “publish the employment status and earnings of their graduates” broken down by degrees and “The Rate My Qualification” initiative aimed at helping the students to make informed decisions in the tertiary education market from 2017.

Many of the Tertiary education providers have already started taking appropriate initiatives, value addition and proactively working with relevant industry to ensure their graduating students are practically and professionally prepared to secure meaningful employment in the fields for which they are qualified.

The NZE Professional Development Free Seminar for International Students:
NZE are presently arranging a limited series of FREE 2 hour Professional Development seminars for graduating students. Seminar seats are limited to those students who genuinely aspire to securing meaningful employment in the fields for which they are qualified. Targeted employment outcomes for seminar attendees are defined as the New Zealand Commercial, Business, IT and Management sectors from entry to mid-level. The Education providers can also assist the students to register in the full NZE Professional Development Programme for International Students at subsidized fee.

The NZE Professional Development full Programme for International Students, include:

  • 32 hours of contact time delivered in convenient modules of 4 – 6 – 8 hour sessions.
  • 4 weeks post-programme mentoring.
  • Designed specifically for International Students seeking genuine career opportunities in the NZ commercial – business sector.
  • A fully integrated professional development programme that achieves its objectives.
  • Professional & Experienced Delivery. The program presenters are New Zealanders vastly experienced in working with international students.

The Objective
This program is designed to provide International Students graduating from New Zealand tertiary institutions with the knowledge and skills required to transition into meaningful career employment in New Zealand. Critically, students are provided with the necessary skills to obtain employment in the specialised business sector. For transparency, the targeted jobs are in defined as being in the New Zealand Commercial, Business, Information Technology, Healthcare, Retail Management and Management sectors ranging from entry to mid-level, with eventual progress through to the top level.

Why This Program is Important?
Daily, NZE’s program presenters work with International Student graduates who have an unrealistic expectation of the New Zealand job market. Most are ill equipped to obtain a high level of employment that will sustain a lengthy career in New Zealand’s predominantly western business culture. It is believed that many International Students are recruited by unscrupulous agents into courses with the promise of employment outcomes that do not exist. The NZE Professional Development Program prevents these problems from occurring by providing a guaranteed safety net for International Students.

For more details and to secure your place in the FREE 2 hour Professional Development seminar or registration in the full NZE Professional Development Programme for International Students, please contact your Education provider in New Zealand or E-mail :